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Best Overdrive Pedal For Tube Amps

   Every musician has a dream to have a distinct sound, a sound that is unique and has a flavor that no other music has. In order to move in the direction of achieving that sound, you need to have right instruments. You need to be able to experiment with different instruments and different sounds. […]


Best Effects Pedal for Harmonica

  Are you in the market for an effects pedal for harmonica? We might be able to help. Let’s be clear: If you know anything about guitar playing, you’ll know the harmonica is achieved by minimal effects. Because it already boasts a rich timbre sound, it doesn’t take much to achieve that indistinct and muddy […]


Best Reverb Pedal For Ambient Music

From the most pious spring amp reverbs to ethereal pitch-shifted shimmers, reverb options are appropriately vast. Artificial reverb pedals are essential music tools, as they help to create the sense of space that is otherwise eliminated by instruments and close-milking voices in an acoustically dead atmosphere. Reverb, in the real world, is created by reflection […]


Best Overdrive Pedals for Blues

It is widely known that most of today’s guitar-based music and distortion has its origin in blues. Since the early 20th century – and until today – the genre has continued to evolve. Prior to producing the emotional solos and electrified blues of today, guitar-based music, with the use of primitive tube amps, were literally […]


Donner Morpher Distortion Review

Metal trends come and go in the music biz, and that’s just the way it is. The thing is, even passé styles never really disappear. Instead, a new generation of rock fans will rediscover the music that their dads loved, and it’s natural for some of these rock fans to want to produce that same […]


Best Guitar Pedal Under $50 -Behringer Super Fuzz SF300 Review

Some guitarists switch from the basic and affordable fuzz pedal to try out crazier fuzz pedals at insanely high prices, but not everyone has that kind of budget. What if you can’t really afford much at all? Or what if you just want to experiment with a guitar distortion effects pedal without risking too much […]


Ibanez TS9B 9 Series Tubescreamer Review

It’s not just lead and rhythm guitarists who need great effects for their instruments. Bassists need them, too. Ibanez recognizes this, and that’s why it offers the new that’s a different version of the famous TS9 pedal. As the B in the name suggests, this time you get more growl in your lower frequencies. Give […]


Best Distortion Pedal For Rock: The BOSS DS-1 Review

Distortion pedals have been around since the dawn of the rock era, and they never went away. You can actually say the same of the , which has been around with the same basic design ever since its launch in 1978. In this fast-moving world filled with yearly technological advances, this gadget remains a true […]


Xvive Distortion Guitar Pedal Review

Looking for the perfect distortion pedal can be a bit overwhelming. You know the kind of tone that you want to achieve; however, with a wide variety of distortion pedals that are currently available on the market, it seems as if it will take forever to decide. Guitar pedals are an investment and its impact […]

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