Best Reverb Pedal For Ambient Music

From the most pious spring amp reverbs to ethereal pitch-shifted shimmers, reverb options are appropriately vast. Artificial reverb pedals are essential music tools, as they help to create the sense of space that is otherwise eliminated by instruments and close-milking voices in an acoustically dead atmosphere. Reverb, in the real world, is created by reflection or re-reflection of […]

Best Distortion Pedal Under $100: Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff Guitar Effects Pedal Review

The Big Muff Pi guitar effects pedal has been around for more than four decades now. It’s been part of the industry for so long and has become so popular among renowned rock artists that it has helped define what rock music sounds like.  If you’re looking for an awesome affordable pedal, the Electro-Harmonix Nano Big Muff is […]

Best Guitar Pedal Under $50 -Behringer Super Fuzz SF300 Review

Some guitarists switch from the basic and affordable fuzz pedal to try out crazier fuzz pedals at insanely high prices, but not everyone has that kind of budget. What if you can’t really afford much at all? Or what if you just want to experiment with a guitar distortion effects pedal without risking too much of your money? […]

Ibanez TS9B 9 Series Tubescreamer Review

It’s not just lead and rhythm guitarists who need great effects for their instruments. Bassists need them, too. Ibanez recognizes this, and that’s why it offers the new that’s a different version of the famous TS9 pedal. As the B in the name suggests, this time you get more growl in your lower frequencies. Give it a listen, […]

Best Distortion Pedal For Rock: The BOSS DS-1 Review

Distortion pedals have been around since the dawn of the rock era, and they never went away. You can actually say the same of the , which has been around with the same basic design ever since its launch in 1978. In this fast-moving world filled with yearly technological advances, this gadget remains a true icon of guitar […]

TC Electronic Dark Matter Distortion Effect Pedal Review

Every electric guitar player’s nightmare would be to play live with a low-quality effect pedal on his pedal board, specifically, the most obvious one – the distortion pedal. A good distortion pedal allows you to hit that right spot just when you are shifting from a clean tone to a warm overdrive. A good distortion pedal cleans up […]