Best Guitar Pedal Under $50: TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive Pedal Review

Enjoy your music? Have you been using an overdrive pedal for a while, and sounds you create seem a bit flat and lifeless?  Are you looking for a great new distortion pedal to boost the sound of your guitar and bring a new kind of texture, quality and color to your sounds?  Well, there’s great news. You need […]

Best Reverb Pedal For Ambient Music

From the most pious spring amp reverbs to ethereal pitch-shifted shimmers, reverb options are appropriately vast. Artificial reverb pedals are essential music tools, as they help to create the sense of space that is otherwise eliminated by instruments and close-milking voices in an acoustically dead atmosphere. Reverb, in the real world, is created by reflection or re-reflection of […]

Best Guitar EQ Pedal

  Guitars are a mid-ranged instrument (mostly) and tend to occupy the same spaces as the Drum Toms, Vocals, Saxophones, and even other guitars in the same band. This can make the guitar sound get lost in the mix, or worse, begin sounding intrusive. The guitar EQ pedal is there to help you avoid either scenario by shaping […]